MEMBERS:  Rob Crow, Armistead Burwell Smith IV

Began casually enough as a way to keep the hands from going idle between Three Mile Pilot and Thingy albums, Pinback has grown to become one of the most popular and well-respected underground pop bands of the last decade. Over the course of four albums in a dozen years the group has mined, perfected, done and undone more brilliant melodies in any one album than most bands can conjure in their entire careers. Their hybrid of pop, folk, rock, reggae and subdued funk is genuinely like nothing else out there. Perhaps even more unique: not an ounce of contrivance in sight, and only one member has a driver's license.

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February 5, 2015Santa Ana, CAThe Observatory OCBUY TICKETS
February 6, 2015San Luis Obispo, CASLO BrewBUY TICKETS
February 7, 2015Ventura, CADiscovery VenturaBUY TICKETS
February 8, 2015San Francisco, CABottom of the HillBUY TICKETS
February 9, 2015Sacramento, CAHarlow'sBUY TICKETS
February 11, 2015Fresno, CAStrummersBUY TICKETS
February 12, 2015Las Vegas, NVBackstage Bar and BilliardsBUY TICKETS
February 13, 2015Tucson, AZThe FlycatcherBUY TICKETS